7 Inspiring Chapters of Emmett Shear’s Twitch Journey


The story of Emmett Shear, Twitch’s co-creator, is an impressive tale of innovation and tenacity that has dramatically altered the online streaming landscape. His journey is a powerful reminder of the impact that relentless pursuit of a vision can have.

The Genesis and Academic Background

Emmett Shear was born on April 2, 1983, in the heart of New York City, during the dawn of the digital era. His fascination with computers and programming was evident from an early age, leading him to Yale University where he studied Computer Science.

The Genesis of Justin.tv

Following his graduation from Yale, Shear and his university friend Justin Kan unveiled Justin.tv in 2007. Their audacious project aimed to broadcast Kan’s life around the clock. Despite initial excitement and media interest, Justin.tv found it challenging to sustain consistent viewership. Nonetheless, this initial endeavour set the foundation for the future creation of Twitch.

Twitch’s Inception

In 2011, Shear and his team observed an emerging trend on Justin.tv: an increasing number of users were captivated by watching others engage in video gaming. They decided to spin-off a new platform dedicated solely to game streaming, hence Twitch was born, named after the twitch reflex often linked with gaming.

Revolutionizing the World of Game Streaming

Under Shear’s stewardship, Twitch rapidly attracted a significant following. Gamers thronged to the platform to watch others play, learn tactics, and interact with fellow gaming enthusiasts. By 2014, Twitch boasted over 55 million monthly users and streamed more video content monthly than Hulu, Amazon Video, and Facebook combined.

Amazon Acquires Twitch

In August 2014, Amazon made the strategic decision to acquire Twitch for a whopping $970 million. Despite this acquisition, Shear remained at Twitch’s helm as CEO, steering the company towards continued growth.

Twitch: More Than Just Gaming

In recent times, Twitch has broadened its horizons beyond gaming to encompass music, art, and talk shows. This diversification has further cemented Twitch’s standing as a leading player in the live streaming industry.

Emmett Shear's Twitch journey

The Visionary Leader: Emmett Shear

Shear’s triumphant story is a testament to his keen ability to foresee trends and adapt rapidly. His leadership style, marked by humility and transparency, has garnered him admiration within the tech sphere.

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The journey of Emmett Shear from a young computer enthusiast to the co-creator of one of the most popular live streaming platforms is an inspiring narrative. His story highlights the significance of innovation, adaptability, and determination in the realm of entrepreneurship.

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